About Us

The Art Verandah is the premier forum for contemporary and modern art in India. We free art from the boxed confines of the gallery and auction house and harness new technologies and mediums to make the experience of art more immediate and enriching than ever before. Our online space is a venue for accomplished, emerging, and established artists doing cutting edge work in sculpture, painting, graphic art and a broad array of media including light boxes, holograms and digital art. We bring our artists’ work to a new generation of erudite buyer, who wants not only to see art but wants to know art. Our art house advises individual collectors and corporate clients on how to build carefully curated collections that embody creativity, energy and lasting joy.

The Art Verandah is a partnership between Sumi Nair and Purnima Dhawan, both of whom have deep experience curating the work of emerging and eminent artists throughout India. Sumi Nair has specialized in promoting art and artists from the Baroda school of art. In partnership with Rukshaan Art, she has curated several successful shows in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata and Chandigarh. Purnima Dhawan has been at the forefront of the Indian contemporary art space through her gallery, Gallery 302 in New Delhi, a vibrant meeting point for art aficionados, buyers, and artists.